About Us

The Town of Rocky Ridge is nestled in the north end of the Juab Valley, Juab County, Utah.  Rocky Ridge gets its name from the rocks, in a bountiful array of types and colors, strewn plentifully across the surrounding ridges separating Juab and Utah Counties. RR Pics 828

This area, once known as York, became the terminus of the Utah Southern Railroad on February 2, 1875 and remained so for the next two years.  Trains arrived daily, and freight, passengers and mail made the transition from train to wagons pulled by oxen or horses or from wagons to the train.  A number of people, including some railroad employees, built homes and settled in the area.  When the railroad continued south, York was abandoned and few traces remain.

Rocky Ridge had its beginnings in 1971.  At that time I-15 had pushed south almost to the Utah/Juab County line where traffic continued south on Highway 91, a lone ribbon of highway from which the first residents of Rocky Ridge accessed the 225 acres of dry farm and hillside property purchased by the Marvin L. Allred family. 

Over the next 25 years, homes were built, a well was drilled for water, I-15 construction continued in phases through the valley and more sections of land were added to the original piece, increasing it to over 1,200 acres.  A cabinet business, Quality Craft Wood Works, Inc., wasRR Pics 836 started and began to grow.  More wells were developed, more homes were built and more people moved into the area. 

The flourishing community was incorporated as the Town of Rocky Ridge in 1996 to facilitate the rapid growth and needs of the people to control their own zoning and direction for development, and Marvin L. Allred became the town’s first mayor.

With rolling hills to the west and majestic mountains to the east, Rocky Ridge is a place its residents are glad to call home.