General Plan


The Rocky Ridge general plan is a legally-required document that guides current and long-term growth, directs capital investments, and provides the rationale for local ordinances.

The State requires that a city's general plan should address issues such as land uses, housing, and transportation. The regional growth pressure in Juab and Utah County is expected to continue.

Community stakeholders and members of the Town Planning Commission will be meeting as a working group over the coming months. Their intent is to focus on issues over the coming months with the goal of completing a significant revision by late 2020. YOU are invited to participate as well!


The policies adopted by the town through this effort will be informed by your input. You can contribute through periodic surveys, participating in workshop meetings, and with the public hearing process.

There are a number of factors that influence the town. The following surveys are intended to highlight those trends that have shaped the community in recent years and to get a sense of their impact in the future. The information from this survey will play a critical role as the town develops and prioritizes its goals and policies.



Where is the Town today?

The purpose of this phase is to generate a shared understanding of what Rocky Ridge is like today and how it got there. This is done by gathering and analyzing information from data sources such as the US Census as well as interviews with elected officials and city staff. Work on this phase is expected to take place in early summer of 2020.

Where do we want to go?

The purpose of this phase is to start to form a vision of what Rocky Ridge would like to become. This is done by gathering and analyzing public opinion from things like surveys, public open houses, and interviews with stakeholders. Work on this phase will take place throughout the summer of 2020.

How will we get there?

The purpose of this phase is to create strategies that Rocky Ridge can follow to create its desired future. This plan will include recommendations for future investments and regulations that are based on the findings of the previous phases. This plan is then presented for public review, and the Town will hold hearings to decide whether to formally adopt it. Work on this phase is expected to take place in the fall of 2020.